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Plug & Play
LED Grow Lights
Made in Germany

Simple and convenient plug and play setup - without stress and frustration
Upgradeable for future LEDS, App Control & ...
German expert 24/7 support - with short response times
Maintenance-free devices thanks to modern passive cooling
NoNoise -
noiseless operation
German handwork

Working sparingly and efficiently with the new LED grow light

The efficient LED technology offers new possibilities and allows existing lighting systems to be replaced with an economical and efficient LED solution. Not only do you save electricity, but also the constant change of worn bulbs has been done. With a lifespan of at least 60,000 hours, a service life of 10 years can be achieved.

Further advantages such as radiation angle and the fundamental light distribution with less heat generation ensure that the LED technology has become a must for almost every plant breeder. If you want to learn more about the topics of plants, light and LED, look around in our guide.

Over 2,000 customers are already benefiting from the new LED technology!

  • Have the DIY-M kit completely relaxed within about 1.5 hours assembled. What can I say? 1A quality of the items, apart from slight scratches on the heat sinks. When installing the electrical system, you have to concentrate as a novice something, but it is not rocket science. Now wait and see how the flowering ladies react to the 2,700 K of the Crees. THANK YOU, PRO-EMIT
    Efficient light source, clearly increases the metabolism of the culture. Construction Simpel, instructions descriptive, heatsink and driver is hot is however in the normal berreich (well dimensioniert).
    DIY Kit 100 Cree CXB 3590 3500K
  • One of the best lamps I have ever had. Also, exotic plants that are otherwise difficult to get over the winter, grow and thrive .... and incidentally, the lamp looks even more chic.
    Schneller Versand, gute Verpackung: kein Plastik, umweltschonend, stabile Kartonverpackung. Gut lesbare und verständliche Gebrauchsanweisung als Beilage.
    Rein äußerlich und vom ersten, kurzen Funktionstest her, ein gutes Produkt. Weiteres lässt sich erst nach einem ersten Einsatz sagen.
  • Initially had my concerns about the structure. Because power cable, etc. is not my world. After first start, absolutely excited and now almost blind . As far as support and customer friendliness are concerned, there are not many stars that can be forgiven. It was definitely not my last kit:) that's for sure.
    Thick fat THANK YOU !!!
    super thing, for lazy like me, everything prepared and easy to assemble, my plants also thrive magnificently, but you have to have the necessary change, but service costs just what, who wants to save beer can drink at home instead of serving themselves in the bar let me look at the crop now and maybe buy some, thank you
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