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About Us

Our mission is to build a high-end LED Grow Light, and what we want to achieve with it.

We are three founders from different areas of the free-market economy and have come together to offer an option to grow plants more cheaply and efficiently under artificial light.
The technology we offer is interesting for anyone who has to deal with high wattage lighting. We specialize in the field of plant breeding, because there the potential seems greatest and there are many nurseries that work with artificial light and still rely on the old HPS technology (high pressure sodium). We offer more efficient technology that offers many advantages! More light for less energy, resulting in less heat and thus less waste heat removal costs. Thus, an investment pays off quickly and you can save a lot of money after a short time.
Conventional propagation lights such as high pressure sodium and metal halide grow light convert the energy they put into more than 60% into heat and up to 40% into usable light.
Our solution is high-power, high-efficiency LED with optimized beam angle and an efficiency of 55% -65%. This high-end LED grow light increases the proportion of usable light by up to 25% with the same energy consumption.
We want to use energy more efficiently and rely on the latest LED technology. We want to make this accessible to everyone, either via DIY kits or via a plug-in solution in the form of a high-end LED grow light. We would like to offer a solution for hobby breeders as well as for large garden centers.
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