Growing smarter and more efficient with our sunflowPRO, the world’s most efficient LED grow light using Cree LEDs!

With our Sunflow PRO you’ll have bigger and better harvests than ever before. Use our Cree LED powered lights and enhance your productivity. Ensure that your plants always have enough light and increase bio mass by 50%.

In short – you have everything you need for efficient plant lighting. No tinkering. No soldering. No hassle.

Have a look at our demo video and get to know how our Sunflow works what it is capable of!


Work more effectively and more efficient. Start growing better than ever before!


More light using less power

Our Sunflow bundle – Sunflow basic and Sunflow PRO – will provide you and your plants with perfect lighting conditions for an area of 1m2. Field tests show that the combination of the two interconnected modules reaches an average photon flux of 670 PPFD per square meter while running on 300W only. The tests show that our Sunflow lights will reach higher outputs than conventional HPS lights (400W) while using significantly less power.


Programmable timer function

Our Sunflow lights are available as PRO-editions. PRO-editions can be controlled via Bluetooth and programmable options. Advantage: you no longer need extra time switches. Once the Sunflow PRO is programmed your settings are saved within the integrated Bluetooth-module and can be accessed without connecting to your smart device. The PRO-edition can control up to four additional Sunflow units at once.


Better heat distribution and passive cooling systems

Among the advantages of our big heat sinks is heat distribution and heat transfer going upwards. They are produced with precision, generously sized and guarantee optimal cooling of your LEDs in all situations. Our passive cooling system ensures that your Sunflow PRO operates completely silent and maintenance free. Absolutely no malfunctions through broken or blocked cooling systems! The black anodization protects the heat sink against corrosion and enhances cooling performance by 7%.


10 years operational life and 5 years warranty

Our 5 year warranty underlines the quality and reliability of this highly efficient LED plant light. With a operational life of more than 60.000 hours our Sunflow is the perfect investment in your future.

  • No tinkering
  • Easy wiring
  • More light using less power
  • Minimum 10 years operational life
  • 5 year warranty
  • No extra time switches needed
  • Programmable

More than 2.000 customers already benefit from state of the art LED technology!


sunflow basic edition


sunflowPRO control unit


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