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we introduce

sunflow series

Elegance meets innovation and quality

The noble designed sunflow series has smoothly adjustable 150W LED power. Furthermore with the sunflowPRO you can control the LED via app through a integrated Bluetooth interface.

You only have to programm it once

then sit back and relax

Plug&Play - fast and easy assembling
Upgradeable for future LEDS, App Control & ...
Expert 24/7 support - with short response times
Maintenance-free - modern and passive cooling
NoNoise - silent operation
made in Germany

Get to know the sunflow series and its features!

With our sunflowPRO you will achieve more yield than ever before. With our Cree LED based solution you increase your productivity, make sure that enough light shines on your plants and can increase the biomass by more than 50%. In short, you have everything you need for efficient plant lighting. No crafts, no soldering, no stress. Watch the demo video to see how the sunflow works and what it can do!
In addition to normal dimming options, the sunflowPRO also has a sunrise and sunset function and is programmable. Thus timers are superfluous for the socket!

Two noble variants to choose from

Start saving energy now!


The sunflow LED grow light is for plant lovers who are looking for a professional, user-friendly and efficient device. Fitted with two innovative LED COBS from the LED specialist CREE
679,- €

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The grow light is stepless dimmable and can therefore be perfectly aligned to the needs of the plant. The user can program complex lighting scenarios via the Bluetooth interface and simulate, for example, sunrises and sunsets.
779,- €

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Over 2,000 customers are already benefiting from the new LED technology!

Fast shipping, good packaging: no plastic, environmentally friendly, stable carton packaging. Easy to read and understand instructions for use as a side dish.
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One of the best grow lights I have ever had. Also, exotic plants that are otherwise difficult to get over the winter, grow and thrive .... and incidentally, the lamp looks even more chic.
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