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The sunbar

Perfect and evenly light distribution at 30cm distance

The sunbar series impresses with its sleek design and homogeneous illumination. The driver is mounted outside, so that no additional heat sources on the lamp itself are available. The passive heat sinks ensure a maintenance-free and carefree operation. Apropo carefree - with the guarantee of 5 years you are on the safe side with the sunbar series!

IP-Code 67

The sunbar series is not only maintenance-free but also offers protection against water and dirt.

Plug&Play - fast and easy assembling
Upgradeable for future LEDS, App Control & ...
Expert 24/7 support - with short response times
Maintenance-free - modern and passive cooling
NoNoise - silent operation
made in Germany

The sunbar series - for gardeners, plant breeders and of course for every home user who likes to use professional LED lights.

The sunbar Serie

two strong variants of their peers

sunbar 150 B

The sunbar 150 B is an elegant LED plant lamp with efficient LED technology from CREE. Due to the uniform illumination, the sunbar achieves a homogeneous plant growth. It is infinitely dimmable on the external driver housing.
599,- €

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sunbar 450 B

The sunbar 450 B setup is ideal for perfectly even illumination of surfaces from 1 sqm. The 3 parallel LED bars allow the light to be distributed evenly across the surface, thus ensuring homogeneous plant growth. All 3 sunbars are controlled simultaneously on the external driver housing and can be dimmed steplessly.
1599,- €

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Over 2,000 customers are already benefiting from the new LED technology!

One of the best lamps I have ever had. Also, exotic plants that are otherwise difficult to get over the winter, grow and thrive
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Totally cool product - in the truest sense of the word - no noise!
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