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DIY-M-KITs Black Edition

More Power, less heat

The DIY M-KITs of the Black Edition series are characterized by their specially selected LED chips and the anodized heat sink. Thus, the Black Edition series not only delivers 10% more light, but also cools the chips by about 7% more efficiently. So if you need that extra something, with the Black Edition is just right.

Easy assembly

With step by step instruction

Plug&Play - fast and easy assembling
Upgradeable for future LEDS, App Control & ...
Expert 24/7 support - with short response times
Maintenance-free - modern and passive cooling
NoNoise - silent operation
made in Germany

DIY-M-KIT 200W Assembly Manual

The DIY-M-KIT 200W video tutorial explains how the Do It Yourself LED is assembled by pro-emit. Both the assembly of heatsinks, the mounting of the MeanWell drivers, as well as the installation and wiring of the Cree CXB 3590 are explained in detail.
You can save electricity with the DIY-M-KITs and you also get a solution four your heat problems, because with the DIY-M-KITs you get them under control. In addition the 3500K spectrum eliminates he need for additional switching for the different phases.

The two top sellers of the Black Edition Series

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DIY-M-KIT Black Edition 100W

The DIY-M-KIT Black Edition 100W - for those who like to build something on their own. Equipped with the currently best COB of the Cree CXB series. With 100 watts of power, this KIT offers a good start into efficient plant growing.
309 €

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DIY-M-KIT Black Edition 200W

The DIY-M-KIT Black Edition 200W is designed to require only a hex wrench set and a screwdriver. All required components are included! This kit can be built in the beam or cuboid version
519 €

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Over 2,000 customers are already benefiting from the new LED technology!

The assembly of the DIY-M-Kit 200W works well thanks to the YouTube manual. Although the LED is not yet in the grow box, but test run shows that the Black Edition can create similar conditions in the grow room like a super nova.
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What a fine product. After a long time back and forth, I ordered this LED, and so far nothing to regrett. The grow light was delivered well packed quickly and safely. The setup was a breeze thanks to the video on YouTube. Enlightenment came literally at power-up. Very bright. Hardly any heat radiation and no noise thanks to passive cooling during operation. I'm excited. I have successfully passed on my recommendations for you. It will surely follow one or the other order. Thank you very much.
Sehr gut
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