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The sunflowPRO is our smartest LED light and has everything build in one housing. Thus, it is very easy and fast in use. Unpack it, plug it in, turn it on. In addition, the sunflowPRO offers a smart app control which enables the luminaire to be controlled and programmed via Bluetooth. In addition to sunrises and sunset functions, the sunflowPRO can also be programmed with switch-on and switch-off times. This makes the mechanical timer superfluous. It is possible to connect up to 4 further sunflow modules to a sunflowPRO and have them controlled simultaneously. In addition, not only the dimming signal can be looped, but also the current. Never again cable salad, instead only one socket is occupied. The sunflowPRO offers the right light with the 3500K spectrum for all lighting phases. Sufficient blue for the growth phase and a pronounced proportion of red for the formation of healthy flowers and fruits.

UVP: 779€

Measured PPFD data

Dimming: stepless dimmable with knob
Grow Space: 60x60cm, 80x80cm
Replaces HPS / NDL250W
Output Power: 150W
Radiation Angle: 72°
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
359 µmol/m²s
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
369 µmol/m²s


With the sunflowPRO you can dim right of your couch!

The sunflowPRO offers not only the possibility of dimming directly, but also the option to control and program the luminaire via a smart device (Android & iOS). The sunflowPRO serves as a master module and can accommodate up to 4 control additional modules and supply them with power. Other features such as sunrise and sunset function, saving profiles and creating lighting groups of several sunflowPROs complete the smart dimming functions of the sunflowPRO.

Product information

Here you will find product information as well as building instructions

sunflowPRO (GER)

In this video we presenting the advantages of sunflowPRO and sunflow. Watch the video if you are interested in the features and functions of the sunflow series. (German text)

Over 2,000 customers are already benefiting from the new LED technology!

  • Shipping was fast packaging stable. In addition, the power of the lamp just blows me away. Have some companies through, from budmaster to sanlight and I'm really positively surprised what pro emit rausgehauen here. :) Therefore I decided directly for the sunflow Pro and already when unpacking it was clear that quality is not junk! In addition to minor things such as the App control and the connection of lamp to lamp, so falls cabled salad and constant switching the timer off. Top service no matter if phone or e-mail. Felt well cared for and advise. My advice: take a look at the pro-emit products, it's worth it! Of course, the price for some is a bit high, but at the latest when unpacking you will realize that you have done nothing wrong.
    I recently ordered the sunflowPRO. The delivery was fast and within 3 days the part was already there. The first impression is appropriate to the price, solid construction and quality close. I was surprised by the high light intensity. Did not think that has so much power. The installed LEDs of CREE hold what they promise. I like the fact that the illuminance is steplessly dimmable. Even better is the control via Bluetooth with which one can set different lighting scenarios. So far I've been working with NDL and various other LEDs, but the sunflowPRO is already a different, more professional caliber. In continuous operation, the passive cooling does not increase the air temperature. The cultivated plants make a good and healthy impression. So far, I am fully satisfied and with a 5-year warranty on the product and after the good advice on the phone, I do not worry about any possible replacement or repair. All in all, I think the money is well spent and I do not have to experiment with other led's more.

  • Schnelle Lieferung und der Kundenservice sucht einfach seinesgleichen. Auf jede dumme Frage bekommt man sehr schnell, zu ungedachten Zeiten ob abends oder am Wochenende eine kompetente Beratung oder Antwort. Die Produkte sind genauso erstklassig wie der Kundenservice. Weiter so pro emit!

Product addons

Chooser your desired addon for your sunflowPRO
  • Rail system
    With this rail system, you can freely move the sunbar and possibly align several parallel to each other, without attaching a hanger for each individual light. A must have for anyone who wants to hang more than one sunflow.
    With the sunflow you have the perfect complement to your sunflowPRO. You can connect both the power connection, as well as the dimming connection directly to the sunflowPRO and need no further power connection. The sunflow then serves as a slave module and behaves exactly like the sunflowPRO. Thus, you can easily expand your lighting setup without having to re-program settings made in a lamp again.
    FarRed Standalone
    This kit is primarily for sleep initiation. It can also be used as additional lighting to complement white full spectrum LEDs. The DIY KIT can be combined with any lighting. In addition, the Far Red kit can be easily mounted on the previous DIY-M-KITs.
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