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sunbar SMD 360 B

The sunbar SMD 360 impresses with its even illumination at short distances and the high-quality workmanship. This gives the sunbar SMD an IP protection class of 67 and is therefore optimally protected against water, dust and dirt. This makes them the ideal candidate for greenhouses, research institutions and professional plant growers. Nevertheless, it is also available in a version designed for home users and thus also offers professional LED plant light for the plant enthusiast at home.

Our Price 1099€

Measured PPFD data

Dimming: stepless dimmable with knob
Grow Space: 120x120cm
Replaces HPS / NDL400W, 450W, 500W
Output Power: 360W
Radiation Angle: 120°
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
983 µmol/m²s
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
907 µmol/m²s


External dimm box for easy dimming

The sunbar SMD 360-B can be dimmed continuously from 0% -100% by simply turning the dimming knob, even during operation. Optionally, a dimming signal can also be fed into the dimmer box (PWM / 0-10V). The advantage of the external unit is that the luminaire can also be controlled from outside the room without having to intervene in climatic conditions.


Extended full spectrum

With the sunbar SMD 360-b we use a permanent spectrum which is based on sunlight and certain wave ranges (660nm Deep Red & 730nm - to promote flowering in fruit-bearing plants) have been expanded. The basis here is the full spectrum SMD LED of the Samsung LM301b type, which provides natural light and is suitable for all phases of plant cultivation.

Only the best components!


With the LM301B / H, Samsung is currently producing the most efficient full-spectrum LED chip, which serves as the basis of our spectrum and ensures a high level of system efficiency.


Osram Square and Osram Oslon SSL are used for the DeepRed (660nm) and the FarRed (730nm) area in the Sunbar SMD Series.

When it comes to driver quality, there is no compromise when it comes to high system efficiency - only the market leader MeanWell is used in our products.

Product information

Presentation of our Sunbar SMD 360-B

Patric talks about the sunbar SMD series

New in our sunbar series, the sunbar SMD 360-B. You can find the first information here.

sunbar SMD Series

Here you can see a few impressions of the sunbar SMD Basic Module in 30 seconds.

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Product addons

Choose your desired addon for the sunbar SMD 360-B
  • suncontrol - powered by casambi
    With the suncontrol your sunbar series becomes a smart LED and can be controlled and programmed via app. No more annoying manual dimming, from now on you control the LED lights from the couch! The driver chasis has an externel Signal Input that you can connect easy with the suncontrol.
    Rail system
    With this rail system, you can freely move the sunbar and possibly align several parallel to each other, without attaching a hanger for each individual light. A must have for anyone who wants to hang more than one sunbar.
    FarRed Standalone
    This kit is primarily for sleep initiation. It can also be used as additional lighting to complement white full spectrum LEDs. The DIY KIT can be combined with any lighting. In addition, the Far Red kit can be easily mounted on the previous DIY-M-KITs.
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