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Model b 300

The Model B 300W is perfect for areas of 80x80cm - 100x100cm. A great replacement for the 400W sodium lamp (NDL). The shape of the LED light is optimally matched to square spaces. The external potentiometer also allows easy dimming on the device. The 4 LEDs are each fitted with 75w and thus provide the LED power of 300W.

Our Price 449€

Measured PPFD data

Dimming: stepless dimmable with knob
Grow Space: 80x80cm, 100x100cm
Replaces HPS / NDL400W, 450W
Output Power: 300W
Radiation Angle: 90°
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
709 µmol/m²s
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
665 µmol/m²s
100cm x 100cm
PPFD - Min
PPFD - Max
617 µmol/m²s


Dimmable directly at the grow light

The Model B 300 is delivered with a potentiometer which makes dimming easy. So you can dimming to heart's desire, even during operation between 10% -100% power. The connection will of course be explained in the manual step by step!

Product information

Here you will find product information as well as building instructions

Assembly manual Model B 300

The Model B 300 video tutorial explains how the Do It Yourself LED is assembled. The assembly of heatsinks to the brakets, the mounting of the MeanWell drivers, as well as the installation and wiring of the Cree CXB 3590 are explained in detail. Only in german at the moment.

Over 2,000 customers are already benefiting from the new LED technology!

  • The Model B was definitely the right choice. The structure is actually feasible for everyone, even if no electronic knowledge is available. The video tutorial is pretty much self-explanatory. Use the lamp for the vegetable rearing in the winter and also after a short time one recognizes already a clear difference to the (cheap) predecessor LEDs. Clear purchase recommendation for the price!
    All in all went great, very fast delivery within 2 working days. Construction manual easy to understand even for people who Elektik is not. Would add to the set still cable ties purely great otherwise. Careful, very bright the lamp :). Answer to inquiries arrived promptly, despite holidays. Therefore full score.
  • Well, what should I write;) Super fast shipping, robust lamp with proper steam and build everything with little effort. I just needed about 30 minutes to build it up. I was looking for something like that! The next order is almost in the starting blocks;)
    Many Thanks. Ordered today the next day she was there. Super packed. Thanks to the YouTube assembly instructions it was almost child's play to build them together. You do everything right.
  • Easy ordering and shipping with short delivery time. However, the shipping costs are very high. Assembly was easy, what I'm missing are the PPFD readings for this lamp, as I can estimate the height and the "dimming" only very roughly. The lamp works perfectly and looks very high quality.
    Schnelle Lieferung und der Kundenservice sucht einfach seinesgleichen. Auf jede dumme Frage bekommt man sehr schnell, zu ungedachten Zeiten ob abends oder am Wochenende eine kompetente Beratung oder Antwort. Die Produkte sind genauso erstklassig wie der Kundenservice. Weiter so pro emit!

Product addons

Choose your desired addon for the Model B 300
  • FarRed Standalone
    This kit is primarily for sleep initiation. It can also be used as additional lighting to complement white full spectrum LEDs. The DIY KIT can be combined with any lighting. In addition, the Far Red kit can be easily mounted on the previous DIY-M-KITs.
    DIM BOX App Control
    With the suncontrol your DIY-M-KIT becomes a smart LED and can be controlled and programmed via app. No more annoying manual dimming, from now on you control the LED lights from the couch! To be able to use the suncontrol, you need a driver that can receive dimming signals. (e.g. the "B" drivers of the MeanWell series 0-10v)
    Pro Hanger
    The hanger for the professionals who play it safe! With this hanger you can bring up to 48kg carefree to the correct height. With the simple snap-in method, the height can be adjusted easily. Always a good option when it comes to safe hanging.
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